Leprosy has returned to Sri Lanka

By 1997 leprosy was regarded as eliminated throughout Sri Lanka. Since then National Health Authorities have minimized their efforts to facilitate early detection of the disease.
Official statistics state that in the course of 2012 there were 2000 new leprosy cases registered within the country. The majority was identified through FAIRMED leprosy projects. Due to this, the newly infected leprosy patients could start the according treatment and medication in due time and thus were healed. A recent FAIRMED survey displayed, that there is a very large estimated number of unknown leprosy-cases. An examination conducted by the local FAIRMED project team revealed, that amongst 900 displaced Tamil refugees, there were 60 leprosy cases – a third of it is children. Together with the National Health Authorities, FAIRMED has developed a plan of action in order to gain control over the national leprosy situation by 2016. 40% of this plan of action is financed as well as accompanied in its implementation by FAIRMED in defined model-districts.