“Congratulations to you on this birthday milestone”

FAIRMED is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary this year, and we would like to congratulate you! Because it's only thanks to people like you that for more than half a century, we have been able to dedicate ourselves to the task of helping the world's poorest.

One of the first publications of the Schweizerischen Emmaus Vereinigung

Since our foundation 60 years ago, we have been active at those places where disease and poverty intersect. At the beginning, our focus was on the 12 million people around the world that were living with leprosy. At the turn of the new millennium, we took the opportunity to realign this focus, not least thanks to the global success in the fight against leprosy, in which we are proud to have played a role.

Following a strategic facelift, Leprahilfe became FAIRMED – just in time for our fiftieth anniversary in 2009. And now, ten years later, we are celebrating our first major anniversary as FAIRMED. At the start of this jubilee year, we would like to thank you for your support.

The entire FAIRMED team says thank you!
Of course, this strategic realignment by no means implies that we will not continue to change and adapt, and we hope that you will join us in the next chapter of this journey as we strive to achieve our goals.

We will remain agile so that we are prepared for future developments, be they technical innovations, digital advances or breakthroughs in medicine. But to do this, we need your support. Indeed, it's only together that we can help the very poorest people of the world to live healthier and happier lives.