Legacies and bereavement donations


By considering FAIRMED in your last will you are able to support people, affected by leprosy and other neglected diseases, beyond your own lifetime. What is a legacy? What possibilities lay within granting a legacy for social cause?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions on this matter. Call +41 (0)31 310 55 67 or send an email to Paul Tschurtschenthaler, Head of Marketing/Fundraising, paul.tschurtschenthaler@fairmed.ch.

Bereavement donations

Relatives and friends may commemorate their deceased loved ones by means of bereavement donations. Renouncing flowers and wreaths and donating towards the FAIRMED project work instead, enables the poorest to access basic healthcare services.

FAIRMED sends letters of gratitude to all donors of bereavement donations. If requested by the mourning family, FAIRMED may hand out a list of all donor-names together with the grand total amount, considered that donations are put in relation to the address of the mourning family. For reasons of privacy protection, the individual amounts of the donations are not listed.