FAIRMED providing emergency aid for flood victims

Extreme rain has caused devastating floods in the Central African Republic, also affecting the region in which FAIRMED is pursuing its projects. Together with the relevant authorities, FAIRMED is launching an emergency response.

FAIRMED distributes kitchen equipment, protective equipment and medicines

In the area of Mongoumba, heavy rainfall is causing significant problems for the local population. Many of the houses have been destroyed or washed away by flood waters, plantations have been destroyed, access to basic social services such as education and health is lacking, while drinking water is scarce and hygiene conditions are precarious. In some areas, there are no latrines or waterholes, and the population is using nearby rivers for cooking and drinking. This increases the risk of an epidemic (e.g. cholera, typhus, monkey-pox, Ebola, amebiasis, viral hepatitis E, etc.).

In collaboration with the Mbaïki health authority and other local bodies, FAIRMED is providing emergency relief to eight of the villages within the broader community. This includes the purchase of cooking equipment, protective equipment and medicines, and covers their transportation as well as distribution to 409 households in the affected villages. FAIRMED is also ensuring free medical care for those in need.

Further measures envisaged

Emmanuel Cour is overseeing the FAIRMED projects in the Central African Republic. He gives a positive summary of the emergency aid measures implemented to date: “FAIRMED’s support for the flood victims in the Mongoumba region is progressing well and is greatly appreciated both by the local community and the regional authorities,” says Cour. Further measures are planned in the coming weeks for those affected by the floods.