New strategy: FAIRMED takes the fight to poverty and disease

No one should have to suffer or die from a curable disease – this is the vision of FAIRMED. Now, we have undergone a strategic facelift so that we can pursue this goal with even greater rigour in the future.

The Country Coordinators are discussing the implementation of the new strategy

The most noticeable change is the new, holistic approach. For example, the FAIRMED strategy for 2018-2021 will no longer consider neglected tropical diseases individually, but as a bundle. The basic idea is that wherever such diseases occur, the people and the health system are being neglected – whether it be leprosy, Buruli ulcer or a different neglected tropical disease.

Accordingly, the central objective is to build a good and stable health system that is oriented towards treatment for all of the neglected tropical diseases. Throughout, related issues such as water and sanitation, access to health and disability inclusion are the key to effective programs.

Country Coordinators meet in Fribourg
The FAIRMED Country Coordinators are likewise key to the successful implementation of the strategy. In late July, they flew to Fribourg from all over the world for a weeklong meeting with our programme team and the opportunity to talk about their work in the project countries.

In the stifling heat of this city on the banks of the Sarine River, the discussions focused on how the continued development of FAIRMED can be put into concrete practice, and where the challenges lie in the implementation. This resulted in a fruitful exchange, which above all showed one thing: all of those involved agree that the makeover stands FAIRMED in good stead.