Projects in Africa

In the project countries, we are staffed exclusively by locals who understand the language and culture of the people to whom we offer support. This helps the employees as they work together with the local population to develop measures that improve their health.

Health and self-determination for the Baka people

The life of the indigenous Baka people in Abong-Mbang in the east of Cameroon is characterised by poverty, disease and high maternal and infant mortality. As an ethnic minority, they also suffer from social and judicial discrimination. FAIRMED is committed to ensuring that the Baka people have access to health services and is helping them to assert their civil, customary and land rights, so that in the future they can lead more independent and self-determined lives.

Access to health for the people of Bankim

Bankim is one of the poorest and most neglected districts in all of Cameroon. Against this backdrop, FAIRMED has been working since 2010 to establish a functioning health system that will ensure adequate access to health services for the people of the region. The focus thereby is on vulnerable groups such as mothers, children and people with disabilities.

Basic medical care for the indigenous Aka people

The project area in the Lobaye prefecture of Central African Republic is home to the indigenous Aka, an ethnic group that has difficulty gaining equitable access to healthcare. To help them live a healthier life, FAIRMED is helping local people to establish and maintain a functioning and effective healthcare system.

Emergency medical aid in the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world. Moreover, the humanitarian situation in the war-torn state is extremely precarious. FAIRMED is on the ground and is committed to rebuilding the shattered health system and enabling access to urgently needed healthcare services for people in need.