Projects in Asia

In the project countries, we are staffed exclusively by locals who understand the language and culture of the people to whom we offer support. This helps the employees as they work together with the local population to develop measures that improve their health.

Schools & hospitals for people affected by leprosy

In five districts of India, FAIRMED is supporting reference hospitals specialised in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of leprosy and its complications. This helps to provide patients with access to quality medical care to prevent the disabilities caused by leprosy and to treat existing disabilities.

Better health for the rural population in southern Nepal

The aim of this project is to ensure that the people living in the predominantly remote regions of the project area are able to receive dependable basic medical care. The project is being carried out in 18 municipalities of Province 5 in the southern Terai plains of Nepal, directly on the border with India.

Early detection of leprosy

In the state of Maharashtra, FAIRMED is strengthening the local health system. The project in the rural areas of Dhule and Jalgaon aims to improve quality of life and reduce discrimination against people living with leprosy.

Health for the rural population in Baglung

The rolling landscapes of Baglung District are characterised by its many small and scattered villages. These are often so remote that the nearest health centre is likely to be many miles away. Against this backdrop, FAIRMED has set itself the goal of improving the health situation of the people in the project area. 

Combating leprosy and its stigmatisation

In cooperation with the national government, FAIRMED is working to combat leprosy and its associated stigmatisation in Sri Lanka. Through active case-finding, people affected by leprosy are identified and are ensured access to the necessary medical treatment. Alongside, the project reduces the discrimination of leprosy patients through awareness-raising activities among the general public.