The rolling consulting rooms of the Bainganwadi slum

Throughout Mumbai’s Bainganwadi slum, FAIRMED reaches people affected by leprosy with the «Slumbulance», the mobile clinic busses. One of these busses needs urgent replacing. Hence, FAIRMED launched a crowdfunding campaign and found great support.

The FAIRMED partner organization Lok Seva Sangam (LSS) operates so-called «slumbulances» in the metropolis of Mumbai. These converted buses bring health care directly to the front doors of the slum residents. Last year, FAIRMED launched a crowdfunding campaign to support LSS with the purchase of a new slumbulance. As a result, around a quarter of the required amount was raised. Now, LSS and the FAIRMED country office in India will try to collect the missing amount through fundraising in India. If everything goes according to plan, an Indian foundation, amongst others, will make a contribution. A heartfelt «thank you» to all of the donors who have supported our crowdfunding campaign for a new «slumbulance» in India.