No one should suffer or die from a curable disease.

Go with us to the ends of the earth to honour this pledge.

Neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases

occur in poor countries. Although they are easily curable, one in five of the world's population is a victim.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities

are severely disadvantaged in poor countries. Their chances of a normal life are slim.



Marginalized communities

Marginalized communities

are cut off from the rest of the world. Hospitals are difficult to reach, there is no access to doctors, the hygiene is inadequate.


  • Sixty years of bridge building in Nepal

    1959 was the founding year both for FAIRMED and for the development partnership between Switzerland and Nepal. To fittingly celebrate this double birthday, FAIRMED invited all interested parties to Zurich for an information event under the title of “A Look to Nepal”. There, Deputy Director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Ambassador Thomas Gass gave his insights into the special relationship between Switzerland and Nepal.

  • FAIRMED providing emergency aid for flood victims

    Extreme rain has caused devastating floods in the Central African Republic, also affecting the region in which FAIRMED is pursuing its projects. Together with the relevant authorities, FAIRMED is launching an emergency response.

  • Switzerland makes savings at the expense of the very poorest

    In May, the Swiss Federal Council set out its priorities for future international cooperation. In the course of the subsequent consultation, FAIRMED expressed its views on the strategy paper. You can read FAIRMED’s assessment of the government’s plans here.

  • “I had to drink one and a half litres of warm mustard oil”

    Traditional practices that pose a potential risk to both mother and child are widespread in some parts of the Baglung District in Nepal. For example, mothers are encouraged to drink 1.5 litres of warm mustard oil in the first two weeks after giving birth. You can read here how FAIRMED informs affected women in the district about the dangers of such practices.

  • FAIRMED expands efforts to combat skin diseases

    A high-level meeting in the Republic of Congo: Minister of Health Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo received a delegation from FAIRMED for a strategic exchange with the country’s highest-ranking policy makers. The background to the event is a project that aims at the eradication of the skin disease yaws.

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Even those who are in poverty, disadvantaged or live in isolation should be allowed to be healthy. We help these people to stay healthy or to recover their health.

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