Our ambassadors are well-known from public life and volunteer for the vision of FAIRMED.

André Lüthi trägt ein weisses Hemd und einen schwarzen Blazer. Er steht vor einer weissen Wand.

On my many journeys, I have seen what devastating effects poverty can have on people's health. That is why I support FAIRMED and work to ensure that even the poorest people in the world can lead a healthy life.

André LüthiCEO Globetrotter Group

Alec von Graffenried steht vor einem schwarzen Hindergrund. Er trägt ein blaues Hemd, einen dunkelblauen Blazer und eine rote Krawatte mit weissen Punkten.

In the Middle Ages, epidemics were natural disasters that periodically afflicted humanity. Today, we have the possibility to effectively combat even neglected tropical diseases. That is why we have the responsibility to provide protection against such diseases everywhere in the world.

Alec von GraffenriedMayor of Bern


We live in such abundance that we can easily give some of it away.

Patti BaslerStage poet, cabaret artist, author

Ruth Dreifuss steht vor einem neutralen Hintergrund. Sie trägt eine silberfarbene Brille und eine schwarz-weisse Bluse.

Years ago, I saw with my own eyes what happens to people with leprosy who lack access to medical care. It caused me to get involved alongside FAIRMED for the health of the poorest. Because nothing can justify the neglect of the sick.

Ruth DreifussFormer Federal Councillor

Bänz Friedli steht vor einem neutralen Hintergrund. Er trägt ein weisses Hemd, einen schwarzen Blazer, ein buntes Einstecktuch und eine schwarze Brille.

We live in undeserved prosperity and should support those who have it so much worse than us - with good health care, for example. That is why I am committed to FAIRMED.

Bänz FriedliCabaret artist, columnist and author