No one should suffer or die from a curable disease.

Go with us to the ends of the earth to honour this pledge.

Neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases

occur in poor countries. Although they are easily curable, one in five of the world's population is a victim.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities

are severely disadvantaged in poor countries. Their chances of a normal life are slim.



Marginalized communities

Marginalized communities

are cut off from the rest of the world. Hospitals are difficult to reach, there is no access to doctors, the hygiene is inadequate.


  • The challenges of leprosy case-finding in Sri Lanka

    In Sri Lanka, as elsewhere, there is a great stigma attached to leprosy. Against this background, FAIRMED has to resort to unconventional methods in its efforts to combat the disease. Our deputy marketing director David Maurer was on the ground to see for himself how we accomplish this task.

  • Why the establishment of health centres is not enough on its own

    Well-equipped delivery rooms, medicines and skilled staff are needed for women to be able to bring their babies into this world without complications. The first step to a safe birth begins with the communication of knowledge. You can read here about how FAIRMED is supporting mothers in the Nepalese region of Baglung through awareness-raising campaigns.

  • “A great dignity in undignified conditions”

    The indigenous Aka in the Central African Republic are extremely poor and the victims of open discrimination. FAIRMED employee and ethnologist Johanna Vögeli experienced first-hand how they brave their situation and the role of community in this struggle.

  • Leprosy in India: Is the disease gaining ground?

    Although India announced the elimination of leprosy as a public health issue as far back as 2005, experts now fear a resurgence of the disease. Above all in rural areas, efforts to eradicate the disease still have a long way to go.

  • Government chaos and protests in Sri Lanka

    Political upheavals shake Sri Lanka: The situation in Colombo remains tense following the dismissal of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the appointment of ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse as the new head of government. FAIRMED country coordinator Nayani Suriyarachchi gives an insight into the situation on the ground.

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Even those who are in poverty, disadvantaged or live in isolation should be allowed to be healthy. We help these people to stay healthy or to recover their health.

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