No one should suffer or die from a curable disease.

Go with us to the ends of the earth to honour this pledge.

Neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases

occur in poor countries. Although they are easily curable, one in five of the world's population is a victim.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities

are severely disadvantaged in poor countries. Their chances of a normal life are slim.



Marginalized communities

Marginalized communities

are cut off from the rest of the world. Hospitals are difficult to reach, there is no access to doctors, the hygiene is inadequate.


  • Life-threatening home births

    Improving the health of pregnant women, mothers and infants is a crucial objective for the FAIRMED projects in Nepal. We pursue numerous activities in order to achieve this aim, including providing support for the establishment of mother groups. But do these monthly meetings actually help mothers in their everyday lives? One participant talks about her experiences.

  • “Among the indigenous Aka, women and men live in equality”

    Every year on 8 March, people around the world take part in International Women's Day, which strives towards equality between men and women. FAIRMED employee and ethnologist Johanna Vögeli experienced first hand how gender equality is a reality among the indigenous Aka people in the Central African Republic.

  • “Sharing in a vision that saves lives”

    Cathérine A. Akom is the new FAIRMED Country Manager for Cameroon. With over ten years of experience at a strategic level in environmental and development programs, she brings a great deal of expertise to her role. Her goals are correspondingly ambitious.

  • The fight against neglected tropical diseases: A mixed picture in Africa

    Every year, the Network Uniting to Combat NTDs compiles an index that measures the success of 49 African countries in their efforts to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). The index highlights a somewhat unusual trend: poorer countries such as Swaziland and Malawi are at the top of the rankings, while richer countries, including Botswana and South Africa, are stuck in the lower third.

  • Neglected tropical diseases: Over one billion sufferers treated

    With the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), the international community set itself the goal of controlling, eliminating or eradicating ten NTDs by 2020. The declaration was signed seven years ago by pharmaceutical corporations, states and NGOs. Accordingly, it is high time for some interim results.

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