No one should suffer or die from a curable disease.

Go with us to the ends of the earth to honour this pledge.

Neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases

occur in poor countries. Although they are easily curable, one in five of the world's population is a victim.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities

are severely disadvantaged in poor countries. Their chances of a normal life are slim.



Marginalized communities

Marginalized communities

are cut off from the rest of the world. Hospitals are difficult to reach, there is no access to doctors, the hygiene is inadequate.


  • Leprosy no longer grounds for divorce

    First step in campaign to stop discrimination against people affected by leprosy: The government cabinet in New Delhi has approved a law banning leprosy from being cited as grounds for divorce in future. However, it remains to be seen whether this will help eliminate the social stigma.

  • New Ebola outbreak in the Congo: «Every minute counts»

    Ebola has once again broken out in the Congo, just days after the most recent epidemic was officially declared over. 20 people are already reported to have died of the disease.

  • New strategy: FAIRMED takes the fight to poverty and disease.

    No one should have to suffer or die from a curable disease – this is the vision of FAIRMED. Now, we have undergone a strategic facelift so that we can pursue this goal with even greater rigour in the future.

  • Health in Nepal: «The country is moving in the right direction»

    Following decentralisation of the government system, new regional government representatives are taking responsibility for implementing state programmes – including the national health programme. However, according to FAIRMED Country Coordinator Nirmala Sharma, they often lack the necessary experience.

  • Healthcare for the Baka people: building projects continue apace

    An ethnic minority in Cameroon, the Baka have a life that is marked by poverty and disease. FAIRMED is therefore assisting the indigenous population with various initiatives for developing a local healthcare infrastructure. This includes providing communities with the necessary building materials.

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Even those who are in poverty, disadvantaged or live in isolation should be allowed to be healthy. We help these people to stay healthy or to recover their health.

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