Free visibility thanks to media partners

To raise their profile, nonprofit organizations like FAIRMED rely on advertising - usually an expensive proposition. With our campaigns, however, we show that advertising doesn't always have to cost a lot.

A poster from FAIRMED showing a village in the middle of the jungle from above.
An advertisement from FAIRMED

You have probably already noticed it: Whether in 20 Minuten, Der Bund, in the magazine or on TV - FAIRMED is currently widely present with posters and image spots. It is understandable that questions arise about their financing. That's why we want to be open and honest: Yes, FAIRMED does a lot of advertising. And yes, donations are also partly used for this. But only very few people know that by far the largest part is published free of charge thanks to generous support.

No donations without advertising

Advertising is also important for non-profit organizations like FAIRMED. "With our advertising, we not only draw attention to FAIRMED's work, but also show how important it is that people affected by poverty have access to basic health care," says David Maurer, Head of Fundraising at FAIRMED. Worldwide, more than one billion people suffer from a neglected tropical disease. These are diseases that could often be prevented and cured by simple means. But they receive little attention because it is mainly the poorest who are affected. "It's only thanks to publicity campaigns that we get the visibility and donations we need to carry out our work."

Seriousness is paramount

Although it may seem that FAIRMED invests excessively in advertising, we are actually quite deliberate with our donations. FAIRMED uses only 14 percent of donations for advertising and fundraising. "We want to use as much as possible for our actual purpose, which is to provide better healthcare for the poorest. That's why we try to get as many partners as possible to run our ads for free," says David Maurer. Thus, a large part of FAIRMED's advertising is only possible thanks to the generous support of various media partners in the print and TV sectors. In addition, FAIRMED is certified by the independent ZEWO foundation, which sets an upper limit of 25 percent for fundraising and advertising expenses.

Making distances tangible

The "To the End of the World" campaign has been running since mid-2015. For this, the world-famous French photographer and environmental activist Yann Arthus-Bertrand provides us with his spectacular aerial photographs free of charge. These aerial shots and the dramatized subjects on the posters reflect the work of FAIRMED.

The current TV spot: